Many articles on Agile UX and related topics have appeared recently.

Earlier I posted the article on Lean UX by Jeff Gothelf. What is Lean UX, and how does it defer from Agile UX? I’d put it like this: Agile UX is about performing User Experience activities within Agile projects in the most effective way. Lean UX is about performing UX activities in an effective and efficient way by producing less deliverables which will be disposed.

Agile UX intends to blend Agile with User Experience Design while Lean UX tries to make UX more less wasteful and more lean.

Lean UX doesn’t necessarility have to happen in an environment where Agile development takes place. But it does describe . Lean UX describes the type of UX activities you would typically perform within an Agile project. So, do we need Lean UX on top of Agile UX, a labl



What You Need to Know About Agile UX

Two Ways Agile and UX Can Work Together

Fast Path to a Great UX – Increased Exposure Hours




Two sessions on Lean UX at SXWX


A bit older from Luxr, an initiative to teach startups about Lean UX.


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