Recently UIE already announced their  UX Immersion 2012 conference on Agile, now Jared Spool writes how 2012 is the year to face the challenges and opportunities of integrationg Agile and UX.

My favorite quotes:

  1. “What started as a whisper in 2001 is now practically a force of nature: change is coming to the development process everywhere.”
  2. “Agile development is no longer a fad. It’s the way people are getting software delivered.”
  3. “The biggest irony of the shift to Agile is that it’s exactly what the UX world has been seeking for years. Yet now that it’s here, we’re wholly unprepared for it.”
  4. “At the core of Agile is the fast iteration, something we’ve known for decades
    produces better designs.”
  5. “Now that the tables have turned and the developers are ready to iterate quickly, our standard toolbox is wholly inadequate for the task.”
  6. “The Agile Manifesto values “working software over detailed documentation” and “responding to change over following a plan.” In an Agile project, you can’t just drop the deliverables on the table and move on.”
  7. “This year, we predict that we’ll see a ton more UX professionals prototyping than ever before. This will become our silver bullet to getting to shared understanding fast.”The opportunity here is for us to re-groove our tools to help developers
    understand what we’re all trying to build and who we’re trying to build it for.”
  8. “We’ve got some major challenges ahead of us. Yet the opportunities coming this year make it something we’re really looking forward too.”

Looking forward indeed. The complete article can be found online.


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